What makes us unique is the ability to create rugs exclusive to a customer. You can do this by choosing from the Kalavilasa design catalogue and modifying the shape, size, yarn, colour palette or scaling up or down the motifs in the design. Or you can, as some customers have, work with us to create your own design which will be exclusive to your home. Either way, we’re quite sure that you will be satisfied.

 A step by step process to get your custom made Rug

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Thank you! I could not be happier with my two new rugs! To be able to select the design, color and size-- this is absolutely golden to me. Of equal value is your responsiveness and attention to detail, especially under my tight timeframe. Kudos to Kalavilasa's remarkable craftspeople for your inspired work and to Vivek, for your aspirations to keep traditions alive. Gratitude and best wishes!



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