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Our Story


Forum For Rural Weavers is a not-for-profit company working towards protecting India’s cultural heritage and providing rural livelihoods. It works with artisan groups to create exquisite handwoven dhurrie rugs, cushions and Gond Art in central India. Each dhurrie is hand-made on a traditional wooden loom using weaving techniques which have been passed through generations. While Forum for Rural Weavers was formally started in May 2018, its founders have been working with artisans since April 2011

The Making


Dhurries are wonderful, versatile rugs which look beautiful in many settings. They have both a fresh and a classic look to them. The simpler prints and stripes of today’s dhurries have a more casual look that resonates with today’s lifestyles. The designs of dhurries from Forum For Rural Weavers are inspired by traditional cultures known for their textiles. Values such as craftsmanship, traditional techniques, quality, and contemporary design are infused into every dhurrie rug from Forum For Rural Weavers.

Artisans Creation


Our Products

Gond Art

Our Ethos


"Crafts, artisans, culture” is the way we summarize our ethos of eco-sensibility, where great products are made in a low-impact manner. Historically, that is the way things have been done in India. There are so many talented hands in India, and it makes tremendous sense to use handwork to create great things.



All the rugs from Forum For Rural Weavers are made of yarns derived from natural fibers.

The rugs are woven on looms which have been used for centuries. The outcome: the wonderful ancient craft of punja weaving and Gond Art are preserved and perpetuated, while we reduce our electricity consumption, and you get unique and stylish rugs. In the process, we all help save the planet with zero carbon output from the making of these exquisite rugs.

Get Involved


We welcome anyone who wish to offer their skills and time. Please check the volunteer page to know more. 

At Forum For Rural Weavers we have set up funds for the Artisans, for medical emergencies, their children's education. Please check the donations page to know more.

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