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Dhurries are traditional handwoven flat-weave rugs from India. The artisans working with Forum For Rural Weavers weave exquisite punja dhurries, which are the most sophisticated among the different kind of flat-weave rugs from India. The word punja refers to the metallic claw-like tool used to pack the weft yarn during weaving. 
International brands, stores, and interior designers are the target customers of the dhurries made by Forum For Rural Weavers. These dhurries are made using Indian cotton, or New Zealand wool. Hemp and recycled silk dhurries will be soon available. The customers can place the order by choosing from a wide variety of designs. Furthermore, they can modify the colourway by using the colours shown in the chart. The dhurries are woven in all possible sizes, both standard and non-standard. Circular and elliptical shape dhurries can be woven too. The design team of Forum For Rural Weavers develops bespoke designs in collaboration with the customers. It's work done in the past has been appreciated by individuals all across the world. 


Shapes and sizes of a Dhurrie

Forum For Rural Weavers provides great flexibility to its customers while choosing the designs. 25.2 square metre, or 275 square foot, is the MoQ for the entire order consisting of numerous designs in different sizes. For each design, the customer can order just a pair of dhurries in any size whose width is less than 200cm, or 6ft 7inches. Sizes with larger width can be ordered in singles. To illustrate this idea, below are two sample orders of total area 25.2 square metre & 49.7 square metre  respectively.

25.2 m



49.7 m



Once the customer places the order, the design graphics of the dhurries in all the required sizes and colourways are provided. In addition, design swatches are made for the customers on request. 
Fill in the Contact form with your requirement, and we will revert in 24 hours.

For purchasing a few dhurries from stock, write to, and the latest catalog will be mailed to you.




Cushions are fabricated from cotton and dhurries in sizes such as 60 cm x 60 cm, 80 cm x 80  cm and more. As with the dhurries, the design of cushions can be chosen from an available  dhurrie design, or be developed afresh. 

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