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Our Materials 


Materials that go into making our products are eco-friendly, straight from nature, and crafted to minimize our impact

Natural fibres 

All the rugs from Forum For Rural Weavers are made of yarns derived from natural fibers. These are biodegradable and gentle to the skin. Cotton and wool fibers are currently used, and soon recycled silk and hemp will be added to the lot.

Cotton Threads
Image by Anastasia Zhenina
Hand Made 

All the rugs, cushions and Gond Art are handmade by our talented artisans. The rugs are woven on looms which have been used for centuries. The outcome: the wonderful ancient craft of punja weaving and Gond Art are preserved and perpetuated, while we reduce our electricity consumption, and you get unique and stylish rugs. In the process, we all help save the planet with zero carbon output from the making of these exquisite rugs.

Low - Impact

“Crafts, artisans, culture” is the way we summarize our ethos of eco-sensibility, where great products are made in a low-impact manner. Historically, that is the way things have been done in India. There are so many talented hands in India, and it makes tremendous sense to use handwork to create great things.

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