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Cotton and wool dhurries, and Gond paintings from Kalāvilāsa, are available online for immediate purchase. They can be purchased from Kalāvilāsa, any Physical Store, or from any E-Stores mentioned below.

Kalāvilāsa Shop

You can buy the punja dhurries and Gond paintings directly from us. Click on the above catalogs to view all the dhurries and paintings available for purchase. Once you have decided the style number, eg - #(style number), you can contact us and we will help you with the payment, and ship the dhurrie/painting to you.


The Kalāvilāsa shop on ETSY is the best store for our international customers. Visit the store online to buy exquisite handmade Dhurries and Gond Art Paintings.

Gaatha is a unique experiment where it combines craft story telling with the commerce.  Gond Art Paintings from Kalāvilāsa are available for purchase on the online store of Gaatha for ease of shopping experience for customers in India.

Kalāvilāsa is proud to list its exquisite dhurries on Dastkar's online store.

Dastkar is a non-profit working to support traditional Indian craftspeople, with the objective of helping them regain their place in the economic mainstream.

Kalāvilāsa Dhurries - Physical Stores


f-11, 1st floor, Laxmi Mills Estate,

Shakti Mills Lane,

Off. Dr E. Moses Road,

Mahalaxmi, Mumbai,

Maharashtra, India - 400011.


No. 4, Sankey Road, High Grounds,

Opposite ITC Windsor Sheraton,

Bangalore - 560 052

Phone:(+91) 80 22354396

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