Q: What is a dhurrie ?

A: Flat-weave rugs which are handcrafted with natural yarns are called as dhurries in India.

About Kalavilasa Dhurries

Q: What are the sizes in which Kalāvilāsa dhurries are made ?

A: The width of the dhurrie can be between 2”6” (76cm) & 15’ (457cm).

The length of the dhurrie can be between 6’ (183cm) & 15’ (457cm).

Q: I am not sure what is the right size of the dhurrie which I need ?

A: Check the Rug Size Guide here. Kalāvilāsa experts are available to help you.


Q: Do I have to choose a design from the Kalāvilāsa collection, or can I provide a design which I like ?

A: You can also provide a design of your liking. We will evaluate it to decide whether a dhurrie can be made using the design.

Q: I have shortlisted a few designs but am not sure which one to select: Will Kalāvilāsa help me to finalise a design ?

A: Yes. While we aren’t interior designers, we can provide basic common sense considerations to select the design.


Q: What is the price of a custom-made dhurrie ?

A1: Depending on the design and the size, price of custom-made COTTON dhurries varies between

  • Rs 4500 / $67 / €60 to Rs 5500 / $81 / €74 per square metre.

  • Rs 420 / $6.2 / €5.6 to Rs 511 / $7.6 / €6.9 per square foot.


A2: Depending on the design and the size, price of custom-made

WOOL dhurries varies between

  • Rs 6500 / $96 / €87 to Rs 8000 / $118 / €107 per square metre 

  • Rs 604 / $8.9 / €8.1 to Rs 744 / $11.0 / €10.0 per square foot.

100% pure New Zealand wool is used in all custom-made wool rugs.


Q: How much time does it take to produce the dhurrie ?

A: Once the order is placed and colours finalized, we take 6 weeks to produce a wool dhurrie and 4-8 weeks to produce a cotton dhurrie.

Q: Who are your shipping partners ?

A: India Post, DHL, and Fedex.

Production Time &


Q: Which yarns are used in making a dhurrie ?

A: Dhurries are made using cotton, wool, silk and jute.

      Q: I am not sure whether I should take a cotton or a wool dhurrie ?

A: Both kind of dhurries look beautiful. Pick a material with which you are comfortable.



Q: I want to modify the colours shown in the design. How will I communicate the colours to Kalāvilāsa ?

A: We will first provide you a digital colour chart from which you can pick the colours. With most customers, this is sufficient.


Q: Can I physically see the colours used in the dhurrie?

A: Yes. If you wish to physically see the colours selected by you, for a nominal price you can buy the colour swatches from us.


Q: Can I see the graphics design of my custom-made dhurrie before it goes into production ?

A: Yes. You will be provided the graphics design of the rug, within one week of placing the order.

Q: I don’t want fringes in my dhurrie. Can you do that ?

A: Yes, we can. There is a flat rate of Rs 250 / $4 / €4 for doing this.

Q: I want to further decorate my dhurrie with pom-poms tied to the fringes. Can you do that ?

A: Yes, we can. There is a flat rate of Rs 250 / $4 / €4 for doing this.


Q: When is the payment made for a custom-made dhurrie ?

A: The buyer pays the price of the dhurrie and the shipping charges, at the time of placing the order.


Q: What is the mode of payment ?

A: PayPal, TransferWise, NEFT/UPI (India), and other banking channels.


Q: I have never heard of Kalāvilāsa and would like to speak to someone who has ordered a custom-made rug earlier from you. Can you facilitate the discussion ?

A: We have satisfied customers all over the world and will gladly connect you to someone who is closest to your time zone. You can also read the reviews on the Facebook page of Kalavilasa.

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